Tailored cutting edge solution for mobile assets safety management

Autonomous GPS tracking system Phantom can help you find your vehicles or special equipment in cases of emergency throughout Canada, the US, and return them to your control.
Easy to hide - impossible to detect or disable.

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  • Reliable

    Using a Lithium-Thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery, Phantom can work at least 2 years in the daily monitoring mode or can send a minimum of 1000 messages about the location, guaranteed.

  • Jam-resistant

    The GPS tracking device is in sleep mode without transmitting any signal more than 99.99% of the time, and so there are no signals to jam or spoof.

  • Easy to hide

    The mini GPS device doesn’t have any external elements, wires, or antennae and can be installed in the most inaccessible, hidden, and unpredictable places.

  • Invisible

    The signal transmission time is less than one second. During this time, special scanning devices or mobile signal detectors can't detect the device.

  • Unable to disable

    The device works completely independently and does not require a connection to a standard on-board power supply.

  • Smart timer

    It allows you to flexibly set various settings for signal transmission at specified time intervals or according to a schedule at an exact time of the day, week, or month.

How it works

The unique Phantom solution consists of an autonomous GPS tracking device and Enterprise software with a user account for accessing data.
GPS tracker Phantom is hiddenly installed on the monitoring object with remotely adjusted operating modes. After that, the device transfers information about its coordinates and status to a special secure server. All received data about each tracked object is automatically stored and available for analysis by the client in his personal cabinet.

Phantom GPS tracker can work in three modes:

  • Standard mode (daily informing) - transmits the location once a day. The rest of the time the device is in deep sleep mode.

  • Flexible mode - when each subsequent interval of the transmission signal is dynamically and previously set by the client, depending on the specific operation of the monitoring object.

  • Emergency search mode - transmits the location in real-time, allowing to detect and accurately track the movement of the stolen car or other objects.

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Enterprise software

The Phantom system includes free-of-charge software with a set of tools that were created and implemented based on the wishes and specifics of the work of large companies and small businesses. Software solution gives you the possibility to monitor the safety of your mobile assets, such as a fleet of vehicles, various valuable equipment, construction and agricultural machinery, special mechanisms, containers, cargo, etc.
The functionality of Enterprise software:

  • Displays information about available devices in real-time
  • Flexible settings for groups and visualization of the assets
  • Automatic control of geofences
  • Configurable notification system
  • Building and exporting reports
  • Cross-platform interface
  • Convenient viewing configurator
  • Vertical and horizontal user administration by client

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Our benefits

  • Phantom was developed in 2014 in Ukraine, by our experts that have 15 years of experience working with telematics solutions.

  • We use the highest quality components that not only meet the specified technical parameters but also largely surpass them.

  • The production is located in Ukraine and uses the most modern equipment of world-known brands, has all the necessary quality management certificates, and meets high-quality control standards.

  • We provide a guarantee and free replacement of the GPS tracking device during the whole time it operates in our system.

  • Our servers are located in European Datacenter certified in accordance to ISO/IEC 27001, ISMS by FOX Certification data center parks in Nuremberg in Germany.

  • The guaranteed GPS tracker battery life of the device in standard mode is at least 2 years with daily informing, or 1000 messages about its location.

  • Over the 5 years of operation, the device helped to find and return 57 vehicles, 37 semi-trailers, and 48 units of construction and agro equipment, for a total amount of 5.5 million USD.

  • The long battery life of the device can exceed 5 years with location control up to three times a week. When using additional optionally available batteries, the maximum battery life can reach 10 years.

Differences to others

  • Phantom system does not replace other on-line satellite systems for monitoring fleets, any security systems, or standard alarms and immobilizers, but supplements their capabilities to detect the object of control.

  • GPS tracker device Phantom is effective, reliable, and guaranteed to work in cases when the main tracking or alarm system fails, is hacked, is disconnected, is muffled, or has been removed from the control object.

  • It is important to note that the Phantom system does not actively deter theft, but helps to locate the stolen vehicle or other valuable property and can transmit information about its coordinates in real-time until the object is returned to the police or owner.

  • Attention! 80% of the efficiency of the device depends on the secrecy and uniqueness of installation and 20% on the reliability of the system.