It is technically impossible to find Phantom GPS tracker installed in the car with special search scanners since the device is in sleep mode 99.9% of the time and does not emit anything. Also, if Phantom is installed inside a car with a lot of other electronic components, then it simply “dissolves” in their “electromagnetic background” and the scanner cannot recognize it.

Mobile phone detectors can detect the outgoing signal transmission of the device only if its transmitter operates for a long time in the conversation mode or GPRS data mode. The average statistical time required to send a position message is 1-2 seconds and this time is not enough for the detector to reconfigure and detect the device. After transmitting the signal, Phantom GPS tracker immediately turns off and during this time it is guaranteed to be impossible to detect its signal. Also, the external background of other mobile phones, which can be very numerous in a radius of 5 km, will affect the sensitivity of the detector and will render its efforts futile.

Unlike all other existing security systems, only Phantom has its own autonomous power supply, which allows it to work for at least two years, guaranteed. And in such a situation, only Phantom will help you find a vehicle.
Yes, in underground parking there is no connection to navigation satellites and the mobile network, but in any case, the vehicle will be taken out of the "settler" after a while, and as soon as the connection appears, our device will again transfer its location to the owner. This can happen in a month or in half a year and only the Phantom device with a special battery can help in this case.

If your car was stolen with the Phantom system - please immediately inform our 24/7 technical support. All contact details are provided to you on the card with Phantom.

After installing the Phantom device, you will be registered in our Enterprise software and will get access to your Personal Cabinet. In the Personal Cabinet, you can see the entire history of all points transmitted by your device, as well as other service information about the status of work. 

Each system is properly configured to work in the most optimal operating mode for maintaining long-term battery life and controlling the vehicle's location by transmitting its position once a day. If necessary, you can contact our support team and they can help change the timer settings to a shorter or longer sleep time. 

By the client's request, the Phantom device can be remotely configured to transmit the signals at least every 5 minutes in Flexible mode. In case of theft, the device will turn on to the Emergency search mode to work as a real-time tracker and transmit the signal every few seconds. But keep in mind that both configurable modes significantly reduce the battery life of the device. If the device worked in Emergency search mode, we recommend replacing the battery to continue using the Phantom system. We guarantee the battery life and package for transmitting 1000 messages.

Unfortunately, we cannot circumvent the laws of physics and we are forced to use only the most modern and affordable technologies. One of these possibilities today is a special Lithium-Thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery, which is used in spacecraft, medical devices, and the military industry, and allows us to guarantee the operation of Phantom for two years.
At the same time, in our calculations, we take into account the year of operation at low temperatures, the self-discharge of the battery, and a 100% margin of “strength”. During tests in ideal laboratory conditions, we received an average of about 2000 messages, which is more than 5 years of operation of the device with 1 message per day.

Unfortunately, the Phantom battery is disposable and for safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to charge it.
To date, there is not a single type of battery that can work for so long and in the conditions for which Phantom is designed. Any rechargeable battery has a larger size with the required capacity, high self-discharge current, and significant voltage loss at low temperatures.

When the battery runs out in the Phantom device or 1000 messages end, please contact our technical support for replacing your device with a new battery and an activated package of 1000 messages.

The Phantom device is very similar to a regular GPS tracker, but it has a fundamentally different algorithm and circuitry for solving one main and unique task: providing guaranteed reliable autonomous operation for at least two years in difficult operating conditions. For this, it uses a special battery and a thermo SIM card. Also, the device consists only of original components from world-known brands, which have technical characteristics that are designed for operation in difficult temperatures and conditions.

Phantom is not a car alarm, which connects to a standard battery and car electronics, identifies the driver, and works on impact or break-in.
You can turn off any car alarm by removing the terminals from the standard battery and disconnecting the car from power, but not the Phantom device. Phantom does not work on impact, does not recognize the owner, and does not turn off the engine. The device is not connected to anything, and cannot be disconnected or found.
If a car alarm is detected and the car is stolen, then the alarm will surely be found and taken off. But a correctly installed the Phantom device is very difficult to find or to even guess that it is installed somewhere. That's why it will allow you to find a stolen car in the future. Phantom is a great addition, not a replacement, for any standard or satellite car alarms.

Phantom does not protect the car, does not respond to shock or hacking, and does not turn off the engine. Phantom GPS tracker sleeps all the time and only wakes up once a day and transmits its location. Moreover, it works completely autonomously for at least two years. It is nearly impossible to detect or scan. Phantom does not replace car alarms, but supplements them, and works by a completely different algorithm, allowing you to find a car in case of theft.

The Phantom device does not transmit the path of the vehicle in real-time, like a GPS tracker. Phantom does not connect to anything, sleeps almost all the time, and emits nothing. Any GPS tracker during the theft can be drowned out by a special jammer, and later when the backup battery of the tracker is discharged, it can be found and thrown away. Phantom is very difficult to find because it has a small size and does not have any wires or antennas. It will continue to work and send its location even after standing a few months in the sump. Phantom is a great addition, not a replacement, for other GPS trackers.

Unfortunately, the latest technologies designed to provide comfort for the user to create additional vulnerabilities. Premium cars with keyless systems are most easily hijacked. A carjacker does not need to crack the code and the system, just lengthen the distance between the key and the car,  receive a signal from an assistant who was quietly near you in the supermarket, open the door, start the engine, and drive away.

With an insurance company, consider the timing of the investigation of car theft, amortization by age of the car, deductible, commission, installment payments, exchange differences at the time of valuation, and other conditions that can actually drag on for a year and reduce the amount of insurance payments by half. Throughout this time, you are without your car and are forced to move by foot or by taxi.
Most of our clients are people who already had a bad experience of “cooperation” with insurance companies and try to reduce the risk of being left without a car as much as possible and protect themselves from losses. 

Our certified partners discuss with you the best places for installing our device in your vehicle considering its features. 
We specifically do not publish the most hidden installation places, but we can recommend them individually to each client. The best option for securing the vehicle is when no one except the client knows where the Phantom device was installed. 

The most ideal option is when the Phantom device is installed by our certified specialists. The more sophisticated and unique the installation, the more chances to find the car.

The installation of the Phantom device does not require intervention in the electrical equipment of the car and, accordingly, cannot violate the warranty on it. Any certified service center will install the Phantom device in any car without problems. The installation is easy for them and does not require coordination from the manufacturer, as it does not break the integrity of the vehicle and its components. The cost of installing our device will be cheaper than the installation price and set up of any car alarm, even the simplest one.

The Phantom system does not have a monthly fee. A system server operation is absolutely free. 
You only need to purchase the Phantom system once and after the battery runs out, every two years or longer, replace it with a new one for a special price.

The Phantom system works in the USA and Canada. If you are going to travel by car to any other country, you can additionally activate roaming services for your Phantom device. Thus, in the event of an emergency, a car can be found anywhere in the world where there is a mobile connection.
Therefore, if you plan to travel to another country where there is a risk of theft, and you want to ensure the security of your mobile assets, please contact our support team in advance and sign an additional agreement to activate roaming on your device. In this case, during your stay in the territory of another country, the devices will transmit information in the standard mode, according to the international tariffs of the mobile operator. In the future, you will need to pay for roaming services based on the invoice provided by our mobile connection partner Rogers.
Separately, we want to note that we do not earn on the provision of mobile operator services. Our customers pay only the actual additional costs for outgoing roaming, according to the tariffs of the mobile operator and the invoice issued by it.

Access to information about the location of a car with the Phantom device is available only to the client and some employees of our company to monitor the operability and maintenance of the server system and special software. At the same time, servers are maximally protected both physically and technically and are located in the most reliable and modern data centers in Europe.
Separately, we note that in the standard mode, the Phantom GPS tracker sends only one point that is current at the time of contact, at which it is physically impossible to establish the route of the car in a day. Also, the Phantom device is sleeping almost all the time, and at this time of sleep, it is simply impossible to activate and find out its location on demand.
In addition, the modem is completely de-energized in the device during sleep to prevent it from being detected by search equipment or special devices by detectors, which also makes it impossible to track its movement through base stations or listen through a mobile operator.
Therefore, in terms of the balance between security and privacy, our Phantom is an ideal system.