Special and construction equipment

Phantom for special equipment

Not only are cars are easy to steal, as they are highly liquid. Any special equipment, such as excavators, tractors, loaders, small-tonnage and large-tonnage construction equipment is also in demand among thieves. This kind of equipment is very easily stolen and transported to other places and cities in order to be operated at other sites. At the same time, the cost of any tractor or professional construction excavator can be ten times higher than the cost of even a premium modern car.

The specifics of this kind of technology make it difficult to control its location because it is almost impossible to use online tracking systems that need a regular connection to the wiring. When this equipment is not in operation, the on-board equipment and electronics are de-energized and the mass turns off in order to avoid the discharge of regular on-board batteries. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to find a reliable solution among online trackers that would provide long-term tracking of this equipment while it is not in use.

Any online system can work only when this equipment is used, for example, to control fuel consumption, hours, and other material and logistic information. But as soon as the driver turns off the equipment and closes the doors, the equipment disappears from the radar screens and becomes easier to steal. For example, in the evening a trailer drives up, takes this equipment, and drives it to any other city. The equipment does not drive through the streets, so the police cannot detect it, stop it, or control it in any way. Therefore, the probability that such stolen construction equipment will be found is almost zero.

It is for these purposes that our Phantom system is designed; it is the only solution, and it reliably allows you to control the location of construction equipment when it is not in operation. This was made possible thanks to the use of a special Lithium-Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2) battery, which ensures the autonomous operation of the device for at least 2 years or at least 1000 messages about its location in any temperature of winter and summer. Also, the device has a compact size and does not require connection to any systems and equipment, so it can be easily installed in the most inaccessible and hidden places. The installed device will send a message once a day about its location in standard operating mode. If an unforeseen situation occurs and valuable equipment is lost, the device can be transferred to the online tracker mode using remote settings, to track and return the equipment to the owner’s control.

With the help of the Phantom system in Europe, several units of stolen equipment from a construction site were found, which included trailed diesel generators with a capacity of more than 15-20 kW and a cost of more than one hundred thousand dollars, several light trucks, and large excavators. Thanks to this, a client returned the stolen equipment to his control, which was worth more than $ 1.5 million.