Private transport and privacy

Phantom GPS and Premium cars

Modern cars are equipped with all new alarm and security technologies, but unfortunately, many of them are easily hacked. As practice shows, many keys and technologies, especially using wireless key systems and start-stop buttons, do not even need to be cracked. In order for a carjacker to gain control over the machine, it is enough for him to lengthen or transpose the signal and start the car, and the hijacking takes a matter of several seconds. Further, the machine is disassembled and any additional installed standard devices are removed from it because in any car there are not many places where you can connect additional equipment. These places are well known to carjackers and they almost immediately find additionally installed satellite tracking systems, online trackers, and alarms.

Phantom GPS tracker does not require connection to wires and a power source and does not have any masking antennas or wiring, so our device can be installed in the most unpredictable and inaccessible places in the car, which we do for our customers. Due to the secrecy and autonomy of our system, we were able to return several luxury cars to our customers, such as Bentley, Maserati, Porsche, several Range Rover, and several dozens of BMW X5 modern range.

Separately, we want to note that customers use the Phantom system not only as an additional one, but also as the main system, which preserves the privacy of the client’s movements, but at the same time allows the detection of a stolen car in an emergency. Most people who use luxury cars tend to take care of their privacy.

Installing any other satellite systems that work in real-time reduces the level of privacy, so a third party, namely the solution provider, sees the route of the car, and in fact, owns information about the private life of the client or his business.

The Phantom system transmits its location once a day, in standard operating mode, as a single point on the map. The rest of the time, the device is in deep sleep mode and does not transmit any signals. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the information received from the Phantom system does not significantly violate the privacy of the client’s location and his movements. In emergency cases when the client has lost control of the car, upon his request the Phantom GPS tracker is transferred to the real-time mode and shows the detailed movement of the car. We want to emphasize that changing the mode or frequency of signal transmission from the device is made only at the request of the client.

Separately, we want to add that the ease of installation allows the client to install the device in their car on their own, which in turn reduces the circle of people who are aware of the presence and location of the device. At the same time, the installation does not require tapping into equipment and connecting to any systems, so it does not affect and does not violate the car warranty.

Thus, the Phantom system has obvious advantages, namely:

  • privacy;
  • the simplicity of installation;
  • Does not violate car warranty;
  • difficult to detect and disable the device;
  • unable to jam or spoof;
  • the long battery life - at least 2 years or the transmission of 1000 location messages.

We are always happy to communicate with our customers and, if necessary, provide individual advice on installing the device in the most optimal place, considering the characteristics of the client’s car.