Car rental and leasing

Phantom GPS for leasing car

One of our clients, a rental company, specializes in medium, premium, and luxury cars, and provides rental cars to its customers. Luxury cars are mainly used with drivers, while middle-class cars are rented to the end customer. All customer vehicles are equipped with real-time vehicle tracking systems with the ability to remotely lock the engine. The system is configured in such a way that the dispatcher sees everything that is happening with the car in real-time, including interference with its electrical equipment or on-board systems.

Listing a car for rent is always a risk since you cannot predict the intentions of customers who rent the car, and you cannot be sure of the safety of the car. Therefore, the installation of additional tracking systems and vehicle protection will help save it in unforeseen circumstances.

Our client rented a new Mercedes-Benz E-class car to a young customer. About a week after the customer rented this car, communication with him was lost and the signals from the satellite tracking system installed on it ceased to be received. Fortunately, the day before the car was rented by the customer, the car was undergoing maintenance and our client decided to install an additional Phantom GPS tracker on it for pilot testing.

After losing contact with the main satellite tracking system the Phantom GPS tracker continued to transmit its location once a day, according to the standard operation mode. Since the customer did not get in touch, the client turned to our technical team to change the frequency of location transfer from the Phantom system, in order to find and return his car. Our experts put the device into the informative mode, in which it transmitted its signal once every hour, using the remote configuration of the timer. The data obtained from the Phantom system showed that the car was already in another city. When the client’s security service arrived in the specified city, the  Phantom GPS tracker was put into emergency search mode with real-time signal transmission. Thanks to this, the client’s security service was able to find a car that had its main on-board systems turned off, the immobilizer systems and keys hacked, and in fact, was ready for resale or could have been prepared for transportation abroad.

Car thieves know that satellite tracking systems are installed on rental cars, and therefore when they steal a car, they first find these systems and turn them off. Therefore, we recommend installing the Phantom GPS tracker on such vehicles as an additional system, since it has a different algorithm of operation and, because of this, will continue to transmit signals even when the main system is turned off.

Here we gave only one example of when the Phantom system showed its effectiveness in car theft and helped owners regain control over it. For 5 years of the system’s operation, it helped to find and return hundreds of cars in Ukraine, which confirmed its reliability and won the trust of rental companies.