Phantom Enterprise software

When developing the Phantom software, our experts used their more than 15 years of experience in creating various telematics platforms designed to monitor corporate vehicles, developing software for satellite transport security systems, and monitoring individual vehicles and additional equipment. We tried to make the most convenient version of the software, which takes into account the specifics of the Phantom GPS tracker, as well as the operating principles of various online satellite tracking systems, fleet management systems, logistics management systems, cargo transportation, etc. 

The interface of Phantom Enterprise software is easy to use, while it is also quite functional and ensures long-term control over valuable assets.

The main users of our Phantom system are companies that specialize in insurance, leasing, rentals, construction, and agriculture, as well as state and private companies that provide cargo and container transportation services. Companies that specialize in guarding and escorting valuable and special cargoes, monitoring various remote objects, and monitoring the security and movement of people and animals also utilize Phantom.

Enterprise software is included with the Phantom GPS tracking system.

Terms of using the software:

  • No monthly fee. The software is absolutely free while you use the Phantom GPS tracker.
  • No limit on the number of licenses and the number of users.
  • An unlimited number of objects can be controlled and monitored.
  • Unlimited storage of information received from the GPS tracker throughout the span of the device's life and your collaboration with our company, which can be 2, 5, 10, 15 years.

The main objectives of Enterprise software are to consistently receive information from all activated Phantom GPS trackers, collect data on a server, display the data on a map, organize the data in database tables, and provide access to information in a convenient form for the administrator and all users, whom the client will manage. To display the location of controlled objects in the system the latest Google Maps is always used, and for data backup, we use Open Streets maps, both of which are located on our servers.

The client’s system administration

When the Phantom GPS tracker is installed on a valuable object, an administrator account is created for the client and they get access to the personal software account. The administrator has the most comprehensive access to the system’s functional properties, namely the ability to create and edit user accounts, create geofences, change device names, reassign devices between users, change the device’s communication timer, and also hide the device if it temporarily does not work.

The client’s system administrator can set up user accounts at any time and give them separate access rights to both groups of objects and the objects themselves, change their access settings, and provide the ability to make changes to the settings for receiving notifications, changing the operation mode of device timers, and enabling and disabling additional object search modes.

Vertical-horizontal administration of objects

For the convenience of our clients, we have provided for the possibility of vertical-horizontal administration of objects and a hierarchy of users, which allows the administrator of the client system to create and edit user accounts and objects assigned to them. The system provides an opportunity for clients to create local representative offices and configure limited and local rights to a particular group of objects that are under their control.

For example, when a company has a central office and remote branches, the system can configure access to all objects for the main administrator of the system, and then create users who are responsible for controlling individual groups of objects, regions, and representative offices. 

Grouping objects

For the convenience of controlling and monitoring several objects, the system allows you to group objects according to the following criteria:

  • by branches - in city A, in city B, central office
  • by type of transport - cars, trucks, construction and agro equipment, rental vehicles, etc.
  • by customers
  • by any other criteria in an unlimited format

The grouping functionality allows the object to simultaneously belong to several groups, which is convenient for controlling different groups of objects for customers and users of the system.


The geofence module allows you to create an unlimited number of geofences using 2 tools:

  • circle - radius around a point
  • polygonal - the zone is limited by interconnected curved lines.

Each object can belong to one or several geofences, or not belong to any of them. The entrance and exit of an object into and out of the created geofence are perceived by the system as an event. The system allows you to control the location of the object inside the geofence and outside of it. Every day, the GPS tracker Phantom transmits information about its location to the server, after which the system compares the received data with previous information and generates a message including the geofence the object was located in and what changes occurred. Thus, all changes in the location of an object in a particular geofence are recorded in the system, and for each of them, you can receive notifications to control the movement of the object and to create reports for the selected period.


The system has flexible settings for receiving notifications. The administrator and user can configure the following types of notifications in their personal  account:

  • A new device  is added to the system
  • Daily location and geofences report
  • The object left the geofence.
  • The object entered in the geofence
  • Need to replace device battery
  • The object didn’t send its coordinates 

The system automatically sends a notification that the device did not transmit the data at a predetermined time. Each activated device must communicate after a certain time interval and transmit its location. If we do not receive a message from the device during the day or a predetermined time interval within a small margin, then this is an alarming event to which we will need to respond.


Phantom Enterprise software has flexible reporting tools. The functionality of the report module allows clients to create and configure reports to view the history of data transmitted from the device. The history can be displayed in a chronological form on digital electronic maps and in a tabular form of chronological searches in a given period. The system has the ability to build a report on the history of the object’s movement for the selected period and the history of the selected object and its location in geofences, as well as to create separate reports on geofences, which allow you to see statistics in which geofences and when each device was located. For example, a truck yesterday was in the US zone and warehouse No. 1, and today it is in the Canada zone and at the unloading base at warehouse No. 2. All information transmitted from devices is collected on the server, automatically monitored, and displayed in reports with the specified parameters.

Report Automation

Considering the experience of our customers, who control a large number of objects and have the need to receive aggregated reports, at 9:00 every morning for example, we have added a module to our system for automating the sending of reports.

The system can automatically send a report about the device's location in various geofences, as well as automate a number of other events. To receive such a report, it is necessary to set the following parameters: determine the date and time of sending, choose which event to create and in what form, select the objects, and indicate to whom to send the created report. For example, every Monday at 9:00 a.m. create a preselected report about the chosen list of objects and send it to the administrator by email. Accordingly, this automatic report will arrive at exactly 9 a.m. and will contain preselected information about a specific list of devices that have already transmitted the signal over the last 24 hours or on devices that require a battery replacement in the near future, for example. The use of the automation system is available only on the desktop version.

Interface and features of data display

The system has 2 interfaces:

  • standard desktop software
  • application for iOS and Android OS smartphones (Q4).

In all interfaces, the system administrator and any user have the ability to configure notifications for himself on various events that are important to them for monitoring each of the objects, as well as to change the type of notifications depending on the event. The application will also be able to display pre-configured pop-up notifications on a smartphone about the object.

As we are the developers of our software, we continue to improve and expand the functionality of the system depending on the requirements and wishes of our clients, while taking into account the specifics of the work of the Phantom GPS tracker and the system as a whole.

We will be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions for improving the Phantom system.